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Potter Sunderland Construction
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Potter Sunderland Construction, Inc. is committed to producing high quality construction filled with details that will make each project unique to the client. Our reputation of honesty, integrity, and going above and beyond the desires of our clients stands strong throughout the years. We are dedicated to you and your building project until the very end and beyond. Potter Sunderland stands behind our work by providing a warranty on everything we do. Below are just a few of the comments we have received.


"In 2000, we had a new home constructed for us by Potter Sunderland Inc. The process went smoothly, and we ended up with a beautiful home, well-constructed and a joy to own. When a problem would come up during construction (which is inevitable), Ronnie and H.L. would take care of it. They bent over backwards every step of the way to make sure we were completely satisfied.

Ten years later, our situation had changed, and we wanted a new house constructed again. This time, we did not even bother to solicit competitive bids or consider other contractors. We simply called Potter Sunderland, and together, we began to make the plans. This house was completed in the same manner as the first, i.e., to our complete satisfaction. Now almost three years later, we still love our house and would not consider using anyone else."

Philip and Kimberly B.



"Potter Sunderland takes the worry out of finding a contractor. Thank you and your crew for the wonderful experience we have had with you, and the first quality job. If we could describe you in one word it would be a man of ‘INTEGRITY’."

Clark and Pam S.


"Resourcefulness. Integrity. Congeniality. Organization. Trustworthiness. ... What do all these words have in common? Traits that describe Potter Sunderland Construction Company."

Bob and Marie H.


"Our selecting Potter Sunderland to build our home resulted in the best building experience we have ever had. They submitted an accurate building budget during the initial quoted price and finished on-budget and ontime."

Judy and Dwayne C.


"My husband and I are totally pleased with Potter Sunderland Construction and how they handled our construction needs on numerous occasions. Being new to the area, we did not know who to contact after our house was damage during a hail storm. We positively made the right choice when we connected with Potter Sunderland. They are very efficient and they were very attentive to our every needs. The work was completed timely and with no disturbance to our everyday life. Potter Sunderland met our precise specifications and they were especially diligent in following up with us during the main construction. We highly recommend Potter Sunderland and we will continue to call them for all our construction needs!"

Cindy W.


"We are proud owners of a Potter Sunderland home and recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality, reliability, creativity and honesty. They will individualize your home with years of experience."

Ron and Teri M.


"Excellent craftsmanship ... came in on budget ... rave reviews from neighbors and friends . Who could ask for more!!"

SM Johnson A.


"Potter Sunderland takes the worry out of finding a contractor. They give accurate estimates of the time and cost associated with the project. They're flexible to your wishes and will give suggestions to improve your individual project outcomes."

Matt M


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