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Solar Power

Potter Sunderland Construction, Inc. has establised initiatives to being green from the beginning as we keep our job sites extremely clean, do not waste materials, and do not use extra materials (lack of experience) to over build a project. There is a lot more to being green and protecting the environment, than simply recycling cardboard and scrap wood. As a company, it takes an internal commitment.

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Potter Sunderland assissts AEG Energy Solutions in the sales and design of solar panel systems and solar water heaters. Potter Sunderland also serves as the general contractor for all your solar installation needs. (See http://www.aeenergysolutions.com for more information.)

Potter Sunderland has successfully installed solar systems that have battery backup systems for power outages as well as other solar systems that feed directly into the power grid.

Commerical solar panels systems an be installed using methods that are also used in residential installations.

Potter Sunderland was selected to install a solar water heater at Maryville College. and have also installed several water source heat pumps (well supplied water) over recent years.

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