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Potter Sunderland Construction
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Potter Sunderland Construction, Inc. is a hands-on custom home builder. Leading you through the entire building process — the design phase, budgeting, and moving into your new home — Potter Sunderland is working for you and taking great measures to ensure your every desire and need are met. While focusing on details that show your personalily and contribute to your lifestyle, our priority is that you be delighted with the home you envisioned being built.

Frank Betz & Associates
Visit Frank Betz & Associates, Inc to search for house plans. This site enabled you to conduct a comprehenzie search by entering type of plan, number of bedroms and bathroms and even the width, heigth. and desired square footage.

Potter Sunderland also provides house plan services through two outside draftsmen. We also offer in-house ideas and recommendations. Potter Sunderland also works with the architects and engineers from Sterling Engineering.


Potter Sunderland has developed two subdivisions. Also, we have been buying lots in existing subdivisions for ideal placement of spec homes.

One concept that sets Potter Sunderland Construction, Inc. apart from other constructions companies is that we still do fixed-price contracts on custom homes and renovations. We also, under turnkey projects, do what we call "open book bidding" (full disclosure). We provide our client all the costs pertaining to their construction project. This leaves nothing hidden from the client, and by looking at the individual costs, the client can better evaluate what items they most want to include as part of their project or where costs can be better managed.

Are you interested in helping the environment? Potter Sunderland is a green company. We believe in using the resources found around us like the sun’s energy. Ask us about solar energy and what it can do for you.

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