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Potter Sunderland Construction
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Renovations, Additions & Repairs

Are you wanting to stay where you are but need some changes, additions or updates? Many builders can build new construction but it takes seasoned contractor with a lot of experience and vision to work with what you already have to fully accomplish your goals. Potter Sunderland Construction, Inc. provides a large variety of renovation services for your existing residence and commercial space as well as researching and correcting problems from the ground up.

These services include but not limited to:


  • Room Planning & Design
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bath Remodeling
  • Painting & Drywall Services
  • Trim Work & Mill Work
  • Finished Basements


  • Masonry Work
  • Siding & Synthetic Stucco Work
  • Roof Repairs
  • Window & Door Replacements
  • Drainage & Retaining Walls
  • Garage Additions
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During renovations you may have some concerns about lead, depending on the age of your home. Having the ability to test for lead goes a long way towards easing a client’s mind while construction is going on. Potter Sunderland Construction, Inc. is an EPA certified lead safety contractor who can address any renovation concerns.

Our representatives are experienced to work along with your homeowner’s insurance company for repairs from accidents and natural disasters. Having a trustworthy builder around after a hail storm or tornado or a fire or water leak is a necessity during hard times. Let Potter Sunderland assist you during these times. We understand it’s a difficult and emotional time and respect your privacy throughout the hardships. Our main concern is to get you back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible when working on you project. The quality and integrity we are known for will show in all we do for you.

Please contact us for a consultation today.